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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Top Ten Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2009

On ZdNet, Mark Brill posted a blog about the future of Mobile Marketing. He predicts top 10 trends in mobile marketing for 2009.

Asian Countries like India and China are leading the world in adoption of mobile phones. The next revolution after internet adoption in the world, is the adoption of cell phones. Emerging economies of India, China, Brazil and Russia provide the biggest opportunities for marketers using mobile as the next medium of targeting consumers.

1. SMS will continue to grow both for alerts and short message marketing.

2. Bluetooth Marketing will grow for proximity marketing in malls or busy shopping areas.

3. More QR (Quick Recognition) of bar codes through cell phones

4. MMS will grow, through the use of rich marketing content through pictures and video advertisements.

5. Mobile couponing and Ticketing will increase

6. Location based services with SMS will take off

7. Mobile internet overtakes PC based internet use, with the availability of faster speeds through 3G services

8. Mobile Payments will take off

9. Mobile security will become an important issue

10. Targeted and Niche Advertising will grow.

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