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Monday, November 9, 2009

Power of Email Communications

It has been a quite a while since I blogged about email marketing scenario in India. Lot has happened since then.

I was really amazed at the innovative ideas being put in place by Marketing departments at Media companies.

NDTV News recently launched breaking news alerts to deliver them into email inboxes of recipients as they happen instantly. I have subscribed to these alerts and found them amazing. It saved me much time in catching up with news without visiting their websites and check what is happenning! I can now visit the website to find more about it, when I am told what is happenning.

NDTV has really got into the front league compared to other news agencies in adopting technology to enable their readers to get what they need. I know most of the folks are quite addicted to news and spend lot of time visiting the news websites. The news alerts service from NDTV can deliver now the fresh news, rather stale at the website after being heard from someone.

One can subscribe to NDTV Breaking News alerts on their website