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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What is Direct Marketing or Email Marketing or Interactive Marketing of Database Marketing?

Direct Marketing is a marketing process where companies market to carefully targeted individual consumers with an appropriate, relevant and timely offer or message using one or more advertising media to obtain an immediate and measurable response or transaction.

Direct Marketers communicate directly with customers, often on a one-to-one,interactive basis to build and cultivate long lasting customer relationships.

Direct Marketers use detailed databases where they understand customer’s demographics, attitudes, preferences and purchasing behaviors. With this knowledge, they tailor their marketing offers and communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments or even individual buyers.

Direct Marketing is also referred to as Interactive Marketing or Database Marketing, because it is expected to be two-way communication with the customer or prospect and it is database driven, where the database contains customer demographics, attitudes, preferences and purchasing history & behavior.

Beyond brand and image building, Direct Marketers usually seek a direct, immediate, and measurable customer response. With digital advertising mediums and e-commerce websites, it is possible to effectively track and measure customer responses, if the customer looked at the offer, responded to the offer by seeking more information, visited the marketer’s e-commerce website, or placed an order, etc.

Early direct marketers used catalogs, direct mailers and telephone calls. They gathered customer names and sold goods mainly by mail and telephone. Today, with the advance in database and computer technology, direct marketers are using new marketing media – the internet. Internet provides several mechanisms - email, web advertisements and affiliated websites to drive customers to marketer’s website or stores for sales.

Aghreni Technologies with many years of building direct marketing systems and managing them are bringing the benefits of measurable marketing campaigns to marketers in India for better managing their marketing investments for generating greater sales.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Catch all the email marketing buzz from around the world

Email Marketing India is bringing all the buzz from the industry around the world. Initially the paper is weekly.

Have a look at the first online print.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Inbox by Gmail: 6 implicit facts for Marketers

Inbox by Gmail

“It’s a better way to get back to what matters… ” (Official Blog, Google)
An Explicitly correct statement that reflects what Inbox by Gmail is intended to impart to the users. But, what are the implicit rationales for marketers?
“The Inbox that works for you” essentially points towards the horizon where Email marketing is heading to. After the recent introduction of Grid view of Gmail promotion tab, this new development re-emphasizes the need of redevising the strategy that facilitates the way your brands talk to customers.
A snapshot of the new features:
Bundle of Emails: That’s how it sounds, it’s more about “Segmentation” of the huge number of Emails on the basis of certain selected criteria such as promos, Purchases, Trips etc. So, this is more about segmenting the emails based on actionable points (promos), undergoing actions (Purchases/delivery status) and custom actions-as labelled by users.
Important Highlights: It highlights important “Updates” from Emails such as delivery status, flight status etc. without having to open the mail. It is the Real-time feature of the Email.
Reminder: You will be able set your priorities by having a reminder in your inbox so as to avoid missing them out in the stipulated time. It will also provide required information for the same. For example, if you plan to have your dinner in a nearby restaurant, you can keep it as reminder in Inbox. It will also tell you whether it is open at any point of time. Once you book your seat online, you will also see a locational map of the restaurant in your confirmation mail.
Snooze your messages and reminders: This will facilitate in setting up your priorities to a later time or location. It will highlight your message as reminder at the stop in the assigned time.
And here are 6 Implicit Facts:
1)      Contextual: All emails are not equally important, so Gmail intends to help users in automated ways. Contextual marketing is becoming more and more important for a successful Email Marketing program.
2)      Urgency: In a fast moving world, marketers have to address the time factor associated with any live promotion/campaign. Catch the attention of your consumers before time expires.
3)      Priority: Amidst hundreds of tasks, actions awaiting user’s attention the inbox, Emails will now get prioritised as per the user. Thriving to get maximum priority through well-strategized email marketing effort will be the trigger to success.
4)      Real-time MarketingThis one is interesting and perhaps, the most significant aspect of Inbox. Live information feed from external resources such as external websites, data-base etc. implies arrival of live, fresh and dynamic features in Email marketing. Future marketing communications will happen on the fly.
5)      Perfect Content: Email automation is becoming more and more important. In fact, these new features of Inbox will ask for new Email Content Mechanism. Google is yet to reveal any specifications (if there is, at all) to remain contextual with well-developed HTML content.
6)      Success Matrix: If the inbox itself reveals much of the information about the Email through Subject Lines/thumbnails, what will define the success rate? For example, if an E-commerce company runs a time bound campaign, subscribers will be able to see it on priority, or can snooze it for later. In that case, what will be the success matrix? One thing is for sure, open rate will be affected and would require additional information to assess the performance. After all, the inbox itself will reveal most of the important information for contextual mails.
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Infographic on Real time personalization in email campaigns

Monday, September 8, 2014

Infographic - The Essence of Responsive Email

What happens when you deploy a standard email HTML campaign, without bothering whether it appears fine on mobile devices and tablets?

Are you aware where most of your customers are opening your mails from? Do you bother if they see your email correctly?

If you are really concerned, check the infographic at

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ecommerce Companies are using Twitter more frequently to keep customers interested and engaged!

A recent report in Economic Times of India dated 24th June carried an interesting trend article on how Indian e-commerce companies are leveraging the social networks like twitter to keep their ever growing twitter base interested and engaged with their brand directly on twitter.
e-commerce companies like Myntra, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon are working on creating their brand on twitter and have a dedicated team to social media. The number of followers on twitter for brands like Myntra, Snapdeal and Flipkart and by influence with customer pales in comparison to major offline and online brands. The top 20 brands in the world on twitter ranked by the influence with customers are Whole Foods, Starbucks, Samsung, Jet Blue, Toms and etc. You can view the entire list and why they have been ranked by Business Insider.

Make your marketing email content more dynamic and contextual

Every one of us are receiving lots of promotional mailers each day. Have you ever wondered if these could be much more live with the content that is as fresh from an oven or with an event that just happened or with the offer that has not expired or with a point balance that is just as on my loyalty card or what my friends are speaking about on an offer!
All of the email marketing tools that are available in the market today can assist marketers with content assembly that is as stale when the data cut was made from the CRM system and dispatched through the email tool. It has no clue when the mail was read by the recipient. Several days have elapsed between the data and content that was assembled into the email and when read.
Do Recipients like these kind of stale and irrelevant content in the email? or you sent an email with the offer that expired when the recipient saw it and actioned on it? Do you see an unhappy customer?
or Do you want positively surprise your customers by keeping your email content that is live, fresh, social and contextual?