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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Email Marketing to Improve Customer Acquisition and Customer Loyalty

When it comes to marketing, traditional or web-based, “customer acquisition” is a key indicator when determining success and Return on Investment (ROI) from your marketing efforts. “Customer loyalty” is also very important as we know that the lifetime value of a customer is dependent on how well we communicate with and retain customers.

The following are published industry facts focused on web-based marketing and the effects on “customer acquisition” and “customer loyalty”.

Customer Acquisition Facts

  • Permission marketing yields 30% increase in conversion and a 10% increase in return on investment. (Permission Marketing, Seth Godin)
  • Traditional direct marketing costs $1.50 per item, while online direct marketing averages 15-30 cents. (Andersen)
  • Traditional direct mail averages 1-2% response rate. Permission marketing averages 10-15% response rates. (Direct Marketing Association)
  • 80% of your visitors will never return to your website. (eMarketer)
  • The odds of selling a product to a new customer are 15%, whereas the odds of selling a product to an existing customer are 50%.
  • Email click-throughs measure 3-10x that of banner ads at 2-20% CTR.
  • Internet users represent over 72% of the U.S. population and greater than 25% spend their time online using email. (UCLA Report 2001)

  • Customer Loyalty Facts

  • It costs 5 -10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. (Emarketer)
  • If you trail your competition by 20 points in customer loyalty you are out of business.
  • Improving customer interactions is one of the single largest impact areas, across all industries. (Accenture)
  • A 5% increase in customer retention yields an increase in profits between 25 -100%.
  • Customer Loyalty Fact - Repeat customers spend 67% more; After 10 purchases, a customer has referred up to 7 people. (Bain & Company)
  • Online promotions generate 2 to 5 times the customer response rates of traditional promotions.
  • 70% of complaining customers will do business with the company again if it quickly takes care of a service snafu.

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    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Sprinklr signs up several key clients for its email marketing platform

    Sprinklr tier 1 email marketing platform signs up several key clients in India for all their email communications.

    Sprinklr e-messenger is one of the top performing email marketing platform that can pump 4 million email messages per hour. This feature is very critical for companies to deliver messages just before their subscribers ready to read, instead of delivering in the middle of the night or the day.

    Sprinklr offers robust security features that makes client's customer data in safe hands, which can't be compromised at any cost. Sprinklr e-messenger in the only platform in the country that is worthy of being used by major brands and financial institutions, as it being certified by SAS 70 audits, the world's highest security audit methodology, only used by major global financial institutions.

    Sprinklr is the ideal bulk email solution for Indian major brands and agencies to manange their email communication needs, as it provides seperate and integrated views and controls for email communications for several of their businesses.

    Sprinklr provides higher deliverability and rich reporting metrics.

    Sprinklr will be launching email to social platform soon.

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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Aghreni email marketing platform turns into Sprinklr e-messenger

    We are rebranding the Aghreni emailing platform, and your favourite service will be called Sprinklr from here on. We are going to introduce a lot many more features in the coming times which will make your email marketing experience much more sophisticated and advanced. With killer edge technology Sprinklr will bring in the same drip marketing phenomenon into your consumers social graph resulting in a much higher conversion rates and consumer's brand interaction.

    At Sprinklr we promise you to give a world class product at an Indian price. We will be soon ready with the new website and will be announcing the new board members.

    Sprinklr is confident to take the Indian market by a swipe in the recent coming days and would love to have you join the revolution. So make sure you realise the potential of this platform before your competition does.

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