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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HTML Form based mailer Format

Most of the Marketers are inclined to send HTML Form based mailers for lead generation, as this would enable the recipients to enter the information directly into the email without going to a landing page. Following are the tips for a better HTML Form based mailer.

  1. Form tags needs to be defined for the section that has the form details/elements to be captured.
  2. Specify relevant names for the data capture elements.
  3. All the data validations should be done on the server side at the client's end.
  4. Specify the form Method as GET.
  5. Define appropriate action for the form. The action should ideally take them to the page which captures and validates data on the server side at the client's end.
  6. There should be no Javascript code present in the email html.

Once data is validated then appropriate action needs to be taken, the process should be as follows:

  • Data should be captured from the GET parameters.
  • Once the data is captured, validate the data.
  • If everything is fine, then it should take the user to a Thank You page hosted by the client.
  • Else, it should redirect to the same or similar form page which will be hosted by the client, where all the errors should be highlighted and data should be pre-populated if needed

Here is a sample HTML code snippet for a form based mailer.

Name :
Email :

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