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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does your Email Service Provider (ESP) provide you just the mailing platform?

Most of the Email Service Providers just provide a software platform for Marketers to blast emails? Is email marketing communications so simple? It it was so simple, then why the companies need a software platform from ESPs? They can just host an SMTP infrastructure and blast mails?

Email Software Platform just provides you the capability to blast mails in an unintelligent way. There are many intelligent analytic required in the platform, to ensure the marketers identify the non-reachable addresses, unsubscriptions, spam complaints, inactive subscribers and constantly engaging ones (not just opens, clicks, but also how many susbscribers viewed the landing page, abandon cart, and bought).

As Email Software platforms becoming sophisticated in terms of features and the ISP deliverability rules getting changed, anti-spam regulatory authorities becoming very stringent and dictating confirmed opt-in, there is increased knowledge and expertise needed for Marketers to send out intelligent and engaging email communications rather than blasting.

Hence Marketers need more than the platform. They need email strategy and consulting, a dedicated account manager and a support team that can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. As Marketers getting busier with their business, they need an ESP who can take over their entire entire email marketing communications and manage it on their behalf!

Therefore it’s imperative that when choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP) that you select the right one who will match your needs perfectly. Read the following article on Kenscio's website.

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