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Friday, March 27, 2009

How Indian political parties leverage the learnings from US President Obama's email campaigns to reach out to their supporters?

The supporters of Presidential candidate Mr. Obama collected millions of email addresses through the enormous rallies and countless gatherings organized by them. Through out the period to election, the supporters reached out to the voters though email and phone. After Obama's victory, his campaign sent out a message, that more is yet to come. Today Obama's office is reaching out to the citizens in all round involvement in bringing the needed changes to America.

Even though email is still at a nascent stage in India, directly reaching the voters in the country through online interactive mediums like email and mobile can't be ignored. It is a compelling reason for parties to engage the voters if they need to connect with them, just not for voting them, but to get their support for electing them and later engaging them to seek suggestions and push the changes that they need to implement.

Mass politiical rallies, announcement over megaphone on the streets, one or two visit to voter's residences are just not enough to get the support of the voters. They have to be engaged in a much more direct and interactive way. And not just to lead them to vote, and now to engage them even after coming to power through direct interactive mediums.

Some political parties have just started this effort. They may need an overall email and mobile campaign strategy to collect the email addresses, mobile numbers and other needed data to selectively target the citizens with their message, analyze the results and use the results their advantage.

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