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Friday, March 4, 2011

Adding image to Signature: ThunderBird

                    What do you have that crisp scalable logo for? If the logo helps people recognize what comes from your organization, why not use it in your emails? — In a classy manner, of course, say in the signature.

Of course, not only logos can appear in your Mozilla Thunderbird signature. You can put your photo or maybe a funny animation in it, too, or just some decorative elements.Whatever the purpose, whatever the image: adding a graphic to your signature is easy in Mozilla Thunderbird.In this article you are going to find out how to do this.

 Steps add an Image to Your Mozilla Thunderbird Signature

To insert an image into your signature in Mozilla Thunderbird:

    * Start with a new, empty message using HTML formatting.
    * In the message's body, create your signature the way you want it to look.
    * Insert the image.
          o Go to the image insertion dialog's Link tab to link your image to a web page. 
    * Select "File" | "Save As" | "File"... from the message's menu.
    * Make sure HTML Files is selected under Format:.
    * Enter "signature.html" (or something similar) under Save As:.
    * Click "Save".
    * Close the message window, not saving the draft.
    * Select "Tools" | "Account Settings"... from the Mozilla Thunderbird menu.
    * For all desired accounts:
          o Go to the account's root item.
          o Make sure "Attach this signature": is checked.
          o Click Choose....
          o Find and highlight the "signature.html" file just created.
          o Click "Open"
    * Click "OK"
These steps can be followed for Mozilla ThunderBird installed in Windows XP or Windows 7.


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